Who is Supraja Garbh Sanskar

We Help expecting Mothers to be

Healthy by Body and by Mind

‘SUPRAJA GARBH SANSKAR’ offers unique Antenatal services based on Yoga and Ayurveda. SUPRAJA GARBH SANSKAR’s primary offering ‘Garbha sanskar’ is a program, which employs a unique technique of conveying the good qualities and good values of life to the baby during pregnancy.

The technique is based on ‘Yoga-Pranayam-Dharan-Dhyan’ (Meditation) SUPRAJA GARBH SANSKAR Antenatal services cater to all three aspect of woman pregnancy: Pre-pregnancy, During pregnancy & Post pregnancy

Process of

Garbh Sanskar (Ante Natal Program)

Our Process is based on Ayurveda & Yoga

2 Breathing Exercises

5 Chanting & feeling of Omkar


Positive Self Talk

Revealing the sweet memories & feel the happiness

Percolating Positive Sound Waves


Chanting & feeling of Gayatri Mantra


Visualization of Baby

Experiencing the feeling of baby’ mind

Positive resonance through different ragas

Cultivating 60 good qualities

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